Busy Day

Today was a huge day at 4211 S. Mason (shameless address plug). The entire space has been gutted thanks to all the help we had today. The office, front reception area, desks, cabinets, and drop ceiling frames were all removed. Check out the pics in the Photo Albums to see what went down, it's pretty amazing. Thanks to Ladder 5 for coming over for building construction training. After they were done they removed an entire office in 5 minutes. Literally, they had all walls down and out the front door in 5 minutes. And thanks to Shawn McGaffin, the master of drywall, who stuck around when the hour long help-out turned to 5 hours. Kevin Contreras helped us with the electrical today and managed to avoid getting shocked even once because he's a pro. Without our friends and family we would never have gotten this far. Thanks again you guys!


Master electrician Contreras.


Opening up.


 The Prince of Demolition, Little Gino!

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