A Day of Firsts


It's safe to say we're pretty much done. Today was the day we've been working toward for a long time. Today was the first time our stereo thumped (thanks for the donation Tyson). Today was also the first WOD performed at CrossFit Evolve. We were unsure what to throw down. A long chipper that used every piece of equipment we have was tempting, but there was one from the other day at CrossFit Verve (www.crossfitverve.com) that looked fun, so it went something like this:

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of:

185# deadlift

20# 10-foot wall-balls

After a few rounds we were worried that the wall ball stripe was painted at 12 feet by accident, but it wasn't.

The most important first today was captured in the picture above. Our friend Mike stopped by . While there, he figured he'd try get a muscle up, which is something he's been working on for a little while. Sure enough, today he got it. Now, this is the result of Mike's hard work with a dash of Gino's great coaching. But I'm also going to throw out there that Evolve is such a positive environment, anyone can do anything they put their mind to in here! Congrats Mike, we're excited to keep writing about our friend's accomplishments. Be sure to let us know if you want in on the first foundations class, there are only a few spots left!

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  1. That is remarkable rletsus in six weeks!!! That’s because he has a great coach that has a life time of experience and commitment to fitness and he must be working very hard. Way to go Team!!

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