The girls From CrossFit 801( doing "Fran"

The video above is of some of the female athletes from CrossFit 801 doing the "Fran" WOD. For those of you that don't know, Fran is 21-15-9 of thrusters and pull-ups. You'll get a pretty good idea of what it is by watching the video. Sometimes people wonder if CrossFit is for them. Sometimes they feel they're not strong enough, sometimes they're apprehensive about embarking on a new workout routine, and on occasion they might not see the validity of constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. In the beginning, you likely won't be blowing up the clock and running through workouts without scaling…in the beginning. But invest time, invest effort, and throw yourself at it and you soon will. So, watch the video above. Chances are these ladies didn't start out blowing up Fran, but they are now!

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  1. Oly lift classLogging weekend work Elevated DL/rack pulls 5 5 60s rests135/185 155/205 165/205(3) 175/190(3) 185(1)/190(3)my grip went by the third set and I had to irescane my rest between sets. On 3rd set, couldn’t pull 205 out of the rack. Also, 24 Hr Fitness has crappy hexagonal weight plates that are impossible to deadlift.Dips/BBBH Press/DB reverse fly 5 5Did BW on all dip sets, 45# bar for BBBH, and 5# weights for flysDips: 5-5-5-3-2BBBH: 10-8-8-7-5Flys: 8-8-8-10-10

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