Keeping it in the Family


Opie working on the new squat/press stands 


Almost done! Thanks for the help Opie!

When we started this journey called CrossFit Evolve, we realized very quickly that we couldn't do this alone. And why would we want to? What we're trying to create is a community, something that everyone who walks through the door feels they have a stake in. We truly believe that, and it's dictated how we do things leading up to opening the doors. We're fortunate to have friends and family who are highly skilled individuals: master welders, carpenters, fabricators, photographers, graphic designers. All have offered their services to help CF Evolve become a reality. Without these people, we wouldn't be moving forward, we'd be stuck. They believe in our vision, and they unselfishly jump in with both feet to help us out. We owe them a lot. And we hope we give them something too – the feeling that they have a stake in CF Evolve. It's likely that not everyone will workout here, but they should know that they're part of the CF Evolve community. Thanks to everyone who's offered to help!

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