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"Performance is directly correlated with intensity. Intensity is directly correlated with discomfort."

-Greg Glassman

A couple of days ago we posted about the importance of intensity. That's where the results lie. The hard part is that in order to bring the intensity, you also bring the discomfort. The cool thing about CrossFit is that you'e not only working your body, you're working your mind (cheesey but true). There's a certain amount of mental fortitude that comes with pushing your limits. You may hit your limit quickly in the begining, but just like with anything, the more you practice and train and put yourself out there, the farther you can go. Your getting physically stronger for sure, but there is a tremendous increase in psychological strength during the process. You walk a little taller after smoking a workout, knowing you left absolutley nothing behind. We're going to be opening in a matter of weeks. Get ready to see whay you're capable of!

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