When and Where? Hurry Up Already!!!

Russian gym
Photo from englishrussia.com

So the few of you who may be keeping up with the site (thanks mom!) may be wondering where we'll be opening and when. We are too! We were told my several affiliate owners that the hardest part of this journey would be finding a spot that works. They weren't kidding. We have looked at a dozen different spots, come close to signing on the dotted line for a few of them, but roadblocks have kept us from getting in. But fear not, we have found a spot that will work, and are waiting for word on a 2nd spot so we can make a final decision. We still feel that March 1st is a reasonable start date. If the place falls through, see the picture above. That may be what you have to look forward to. In the mean time, keep checking back as we will continue to update the site with CrossFit related info, and we will thoroughly document the transformation of our new space.

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