Try A New Sport!

Ice climbing at the ice park in Ouray, Colorado

"Regularly learn and play new sports." from World-Class Fitness in 100 Words by Coach Glassman, founder of CrossFit. Why do you work out? To stay in shape? To look good? To feel good? Whatever the reason, your workout should be about more than going to the gym, day after day. Boredom sets in, your routine become routine, and you crave something else. Maybe a way to look at fitness is being able to pursue any endeavor you desire. Are you in good enough shape to throw down a 5K? How about to play some pick up basketball without being sore for the entire next week? Maybe hike a 14er on a whim? That's the goal, to become fit enough that you can do anything you want. Use CrossFit to get and stay in shape, but be sure to get out there and try some new things. The world is yours!

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