Train Together

CF_ST1 003
Kerry setting up for deadlifts at ST1.

A huge part of CrossFit is training with other people. There's something to be said about pushing through an especially difficult WOD when there are people right next to you going through the same thing. The competition helps, whether you're going a little faster and want to stay ahead, or you're a few seconds behind and dig deep to catch up. At then end, you've all been through something tough, and there's a bond that's formed. This is where the community aspect of CrossFit develops. Experience it for yourself and you'll see!

3 thoughts on “Train Together”

  1. Great post Jon, and how true that is. Encouragement, peer pressure, what ever you call flat out works! It is the best all natural supplement one can take while working out. You will go places you never thought you could or wanted to go to (like the bathroom toilet)! Hey, did I tell that I dead lifted 500 today!

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