Membership at CrossFit Evolve is more than just access to a gym. Here you’ll learn. You’ll be provided instruction during every workout from one of the certified trainers. You’ll know exactly what the workout is, and how to perform it safely. CrossFit is designed for scalability which makes it the perfect fit for anyone regardless of experience. We scale load and intensity but we don’t change programs. CrossFit works for everyone from Olympic athletes to those that are overweight and out of shape.  It will also work for you!


CrossFit Classes/Workouts

 $110 per month unlimited WOD access 


$125 punch card (good for 10 workouts)


$15 drop-in

One Hour Private Training

CrossFit 101 (2 one hour sessions) – $100


Intro/Test Out Session – $50


$50 for individual instruction


Police, Fire, and Active Military Discount

$80 per month unlimited WOD access