Nutrition Seminar

 Usda food

The top is the old USDA food pyramid. The bottom is the Zone food pyramid.

Diet is a huge part of any fitness program. Without having your nutrition dialed in, you will never reach your potential. Your diet will do more for you than any workout program can. We've heard it put in this context, which really makes sense: The 23 and 1 rule. 24 hours in a day. You spend 1 hour working out each day. 23 hours are left to undo anything you did during that 1 great hour. This is where your nutrition comes in. Try to make the remaining 23 hours beneficial with good dieting habits.

There will be a nutrition seminar on Saturday and Sunday, 7 PM, at the new Fire Station 4. The same info will be discussed both nights, this will allow people from all shifts to attend. It will be informal, and we'll discuss basic nutrition and then detail The Zone. Handouts will be provided but bring something to write with and bring your questions.

If you're not a PFA firefighter, you're welcome to attend. Call Jon or Gino at the numbers listed on the contact page.

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