I Can’t CrossFit Because…


Deirdra's Pullupsfrom TJ Belgeron Vimeo.

…because I'm too old, I have too many injuries, I'm not strong enough, I don't want to get hurt, it's too hard, it's too technical, I can't lift heavy weights, I can't run very fast…These are just a few of the things we've heard people say when encouraged to give it a try. It's said that CrossFit is self-limiting. The people who should be doing it will eventually find it, try it, and never look back. The statement acknowledges that it isn't for everyone, and if you wind up giving it a shot and it's not for you, you'll know it. "I can't do pull-ups". We hear this a lot too. Not many people get into CrossFit and can bust out more than a few pull-ups at a time. It's a skill. It needs to be practiced. But you shouldn't say "can't". Check out the video above of Deirdra, who works out at TJ's gym. On her 60th birthday Deirdra went for 15 unbroken, unassisted pull-ups. My bet is that Deidra didn't start CrossFit able to do that many pull-ups, but she found CrossFit, it was for her, and she worked at it. When you think to yourself  "I can't do pull-ups", re-watch this video and go to work!

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